Newcomers Of National Team Silat, Got Special Message From His Coach


Pencak Silat Of the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (PB IPSI) which has started the National Training Center stage, by starting to announce the call for athletes to the Indonesian Silat Padepokan in Jakarta, as a training camp location.

One of the debutant athletes who had the great opportunity to join the National Team was a fighter from the Tanjungpinang Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood (PSHT), Anugrah Khafis Egi Riansyah.

The success of the athlete who trained at the Tanjungpinang Navy Air Force Base was assessed by the coach at Tanjungpinang, Major Laut Istio Sugiono, because indeed Khafis continued to show significant progress in his achievements and the persistence of his foster children in training. Khafis himself joined the national training team to be projected to be able to participate in the Vietnam 2021 SEA Games arena.

The officer who served in Wing 1 Air Lanudal TNI AL Tanjungpinang no longer doubts the silat technique and mental match possessed by Anugrah Khafis Egi Riansyah, because so far the fighter has been forged in various championships gradually, starting from the district / city, provincial level. , to international competitions, such as various championships in Malaysia.

“So before being summoned to the national plate, Khafis had won several events such as starting from the regional popda, regional pop-up, international popnas in Malaysia and new to the national level. Finally, Khafis won 1st international prize in Malaysia in 2019, “he said, as quoted from

It is hoped that Major Istio, Khafis can continue to maintain his health while participating in the National Training Program in Jakarta, and can always continue to pray. Besides being expected to be able to carve the best achievements with the National Team, so that not only can it be the pride of the region and its organization, but also the nation and state.

“You must always pray, be enthusiastic and practice diligently during the national training,” he said.


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