New Zealand Revokes Lockdown Status for Badminton Team of Junior Indonesia Back in Enthusiasm

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Since the co-19 pandemic plagued the world, the World Badminton Federation (BWF) has suspended at least 13 international badminton tournaments throughout April to July 2020. The delay was based on international quarantine decisions aka lockdowns in various countries, including those that should host the tournament.

But now, hopes for the BWF tournament are rolling. After at least, there are still two championships that are still possible in 2020. Namely the Thomas and Uber Cup in October (Denmark) and the Junior World Championship (WJC) 2020 in Auckland New Zealand.

This expectation has soared, after recently the New Zealand government has revoked the level 4 lockdown status in the country. Lockdown level 4 itself has been going on for the past four weeks there, until April 27, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arderm has reduced the lockdown status to level 3. This, of course, makes the WJC scheduled on September 28-October 11, very likely to be held on time.

Ardern, who is with the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield every day, updates the information about the Corona virus, optimistic that New Zealand can succeed. “We have done it together. There is no widespread community transmission in New Zealand. We have won the battle, “Ardern was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Revocation of the status, now makes the Indonesian National Team badminton athletes back excited. In its press release, the Executive Board of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PP PBSI), said that they are now focusing on preparing their junior athletes to compete at WJC 2020.

WJC itself, is included in the tournament with the highest level for the age group U-19, and has a Grade 1 category for team tournaments.

The Indonesian team itself, is the defending champion in team numbers by successfully snatching the Suhandinata Cup at the 2019 WJC which was held in Kazan Russia. In the doubles number, which won the Eye Level Cup, one title was also successfully obtained by Indonesian men’s doubles, Leo Rolly / Daniel Marthin.

 “WJC is an important calendar for the junior class, it seems BWF will also prioritize the holding of this tournament in addition to major tournaments at the senior level,” PPSI Secretary General PP Achmad Budiharto was quoted as saying by Fajar Indonesia Network.

“We will prepare junior athletes to anticipate if BWF issues a WJC implementation schedule,” he added.

For the time being, on the BWF calendar, the WJC schedule is still listed and hasn’t experienced any changes or delays. Even so, the agenda still has the potential to change, depending on the world situation with the co-19 pandemic. Until now PBSI is still waiting for an official announcement from BWF about the implementation of the WJC 2020.


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