New Normality, Taekwondo Is Ready To Hold Pelatnas On  1st June 


The inclusion of the co-19 pandemic phase in Indonesia in the new normal era, made the Great Indonesian Taekwondo Board (PBTI) want to hold national training on June 1 2020.

“For the national training program, we want it as soon as possible. Moreover, if there is a new normal protocol, it will be more comfortable,” said Taekwondo Indonesia National Team Manager Pino Indra, as reported by Republika.

“I’ve been to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, met Mr. Yayan (PPON). I submit on June 1 we want to start training centrally,” he continued.

The desire of PBTI itself is not without cause, because, the activities of Pelatnas taekwondo which should have taken place at GOR Popki, Cibubur, have been forced to take place in the mess independently.

The situation was considered ineffective, considering that in the mess itself, equipment for sparring was very limited. Thus hampering the process of practicing taekwondo athletes.

“If we practice centered on GOR, and there is already a new normal protocol, so there will be no people carelessly free in and out. It will be better and the training is effective,” he said.

Although he has proposed a date related to Pelatnas, Pino said, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has not fully given permission to practice as of June 1. For this reason, the period of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for DKI Jakarta ends on June 4, 2020.

Kemenpora itself, until now still continues to format the health protocol, in order to immediately start the national sports agenda in the new normalcy period later.

When referring to the initial government study related to the new normalcy, outdoor sports activities will enter Phase III, which will only start on June 15.

The Menpora itself, until now, is still waiting for an official decision from the covid-19 task force, related to when the sports agenda and competition can be held again.


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