New Normal, Swimming Prepare for Health Protocol on National Training

Sumber Gambar: Humas PRSI / Tribun News

Although they will get a relaxation recommendation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to be able to implement Pelatnas in the midst of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in the covid-19 pandemic, the Great Management of the Indonesian Swimming Association (PB PRSI) does not want to be careless in starting the Pelatnas agenda.

PB PRSI Deputy Chairperson Harlin Rahardjo said that his party is still continuing to prepare health protocols to be able to implement Pelatnas, while adapting to the new normal, or new normal period.

Herlin admitted that she did not want to rush to make the decision to implement Pelatnas before the health protocol was truly ready. This is for the safety of athletes, coaches and swimming team officials themselves.

“We have to think about how they can train with new normal like that. I am afraid that later it will be forced to walk with protocols that are not good, instead there will be a virus,” Harlin said as quoted by Antara.

Harlin’s intended health protocol, includes a limitation on the number of athletes who can be in one pool and shared facility players at the GBK Aquatic Stadium. This is considered a crucial factor so that the national team can continue to practice and swim with the pandemic. Harlin said, currently also still waiting for instructions from the government related to the pandemic and new normal provisions.

Previously, Indonesian swimming national team coach David Armandoni had asked for clarification from the Ministry of Youth and Sports regarding when Pelatnas swimming could be held again. Responding to this, the Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali also asked PRSI ager to send a letter to be able to provide dispensation so that the aquatic facilities in GBK could be reopened for Pelatnas PRSI.

However, the delivery of the letter was still delayed. Because according to Harlin, PRSI is very concerned about what risks might arise when it insists on holding Pelatnas, without proper and strict protocols.

“We don’t want to take the risk too high. We think of the risk well so that our decision for new normal is really safe,” he said. “We focus first on preparing for the new normal until we are safe and then go to the pool.” he added.

Until now, all Pelatnas swimming athletes have undergone training independently at their respective homes, while still receiving online programs and supervision from the training team.

PRSI itself continues to prepare the draft Pelatnas swimming health protocol, which will then be discussed with Kemenpora, so that later Pelatnas can be held when Indonesia enters a new normal period.


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