National Pelatnas Trainers, Reveal Pandemic on Athletes

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The Long-Lasting Impact of theThe isolation and tightening of the region during the Covid-19 pandemic seem to have started to have an impact on Indonesian Team athletes. This was revealed in a virtual dialogue that was held by KONI Pusat with several sports coaches, Monday (29/09), in Jakarta.

Weightlifting coach Dirja Wiharja conveyed in the meeting that the National Pelatnas in his federation had been held since January 2020. He admitted that the strict isolation that had been applied so far had made 14 athletes occupying the weightlifting Pelatnas now starting to experience burnout. Because the lifters were not allowed to leave the training center in Kwini.

Badminton has also applied strict isolation. PBSI also prohibits all athletes from being able to leave the mess without clear reasons. Likewise archery, which only allows Pelatnas athletes to leave their training ground and lodging.

Just to overcome boredom, Archery Coach Permadi dealt with, in November 2020, Pelatnas will be brought to Yogyakarta, in order to provide a new atmosphere for athletes who are being prepared for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, from badminton, Coach Felix Bayu said that the National Pelatnas in Cipayung are still running, even though there is almost no holiday, in order to pump up the abilities of Indonesia’s best badminton players. Of course, with the implementation of strict health protocols.

“Rapid tests are held every month and a Swab test has just been conducted,” he explained. The test results, all of the people at the National Pelatnas were negative for Covid-19.

Tests for athletes, not only carried out by badminton, several parent sports such as athletics, weightlifting, tennis, boxing, and others also do it. All of these federations have conducted tests for athletes, and as a result, all are free from Covid-19.

In addition to saturating athletes, several coaches also considered that the Covid-19 pandemic also had an impact on the development of the achievements of Indonesian Team athletes.

With the current pandemic, almost all sports in the world are experiencing delays and event cancellations. The impact was felt by sports in Indonesia. As stated by Taekwondo coach Andi Cahyadi.

“The obstacles of the National Pelatnas at this time are the absence of sparring partners and no events,” he said.

Meanwhile, volleyball coach Agus Abdul Karim, Skateboard, Charles Wijaya and bicycle racing coach Dadang Haries Poernomo argued that the various halted events made them unable to assess and evaluate the development of athletes who had only been practicing so far.

“The current obstacle is the cessation of all events, we cannot try out or try in,” said Dadang Haries Poernomo, agreed by a number of his colleagues.

Surfing sports are also concerned about various event delays. Even so, according to coach Tipi Jabrik, currently surfing athletes also still have a chance to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, if they are able to score points at the El Salvador Championship.

“We have the last chance to send one athlete, play shortboard in El Salvador”, he said.

It’s just that, currently, said Tipi, it is still difficult for them to get a visa to go to the Latin American country.

Furthermore, the General Chairperson of the Central KONI Marciano Norman responded to this, by advising all sports, to be able to reprogram the coaching and training, in order to maintain the athlete’s peak performance when the event can be held again. He also asked sports that are currently struggling in Olympic qualifications, or if their athletes have passed, to be able to continue to apply sport science to its full potential.

Marciano also said that all sports, along with the ranks of athletes and coaches, to stay enthusiastic amid this pandemic.

“Always thinking about how to look for opportunities to lead athletes to become champions”, he ordered. “Remind athletes not to lose their mental boredom,” concluded Norman.


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