Missing Father Figure, Edgar Xavier Feel Blessings in the Middle of Pandemic Covid-19


The mainstay figure of the Indonesian team from the men’s wushu branch, Edgar Xavier Marvelo, admitted that he remembered his late father in an emergency, due to the current co-19 pandemic.

“Surely there is a sense of loss and still will always lose the father figure. At home, there is usually a daddy, but now it’s not, “said Edgar, as reported by CNN Indonesia.

“Losing my father made me learn to respect time with family more. Now as much as possible I spend time with mama, cici and koko, “he said

Edgar explained, that the departure of his father for immortality, which now makes him more time spent with family. Especially with the national training schedule which is still pending. According to the 2019 SEA Games gold medal, this is something that is difficult to happen in normal situations.

These athletes rarely have long time with family. This PSBB provides a positive side for athletes who are rarely at home to gather with family. So this is a very valuable time, said Edgar.

Edgar also tried to take lessons from the current disaster. Where he can again have a lot of time to be able to spend time with family. Including trying to learn how to bake, in the period of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB).

“At home, you are still practicing with improvised tools, improvised space. So the training is less than optimal, but the goal is to keep the body in shape. Because if we exercise regularly, our body’s immunity becomes strong, “he said.

“Pelatnas and Pelatda are in accordance with the invitation of DKI KONI, Diaspora and the trainer asking us to practice independently at home. Now I have recorded each exercise and sent it to the coach, “he continued.

Besides still continuing to practice regularly while at home. The man who won three gold medals at the 2019 World Wushu Championships was aware, that one of the right ways to end the covid-19 pandemic, was with public discipline, by reducing activities outside the home, and implementing health protocols.

“Actually, what is important is following the government’s recommendations because its mission is to improve the situation in Indonesia so that it can recover from the corona virus outbreak. If there are still those who stubbornly leave the house, gather, in my opinion that’s what makes the pandemic worse. If all can follow the government’s recommendations, I’m sure a little more of this pandemic is over. Because this starts from us, “concluded Edgar.


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