Militansi Suporter Indonesia, Kawal Tim Garuda di Negri Orang

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Militancy of Indonesian Supporters, Guarding Garuda Teams in the People’s Land

The 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines was a separate test for the supporters of the Indonesian Football Team U-23 militancy. Because they have to make many sacrifices to be able to escort the struggle of Osvaldo Haay and his friends.

Back in the match against Vietnam on Sunday (1/12/2019). The lack of interest in the Filipino community towards football makes the Rizal Memorial Stadium tend to be quiet, barely visible to the audience. Understandably there basketball became the most popular sport.

Although it tends to be quiet but faintly still heard support from Indonesian supporters. The amount is not much, not even more than the number of players and the official of both teams. But the drum beats and chants they brought were enough to break the silence of the match which was held at 20.00 local time.

Yes, they are supporters who specifically depart only to provide support to the national team.

According to the story of Tangguh Fonad as the coordinator of Indonesian supporters in Manila, supporters who attended the Rizal Memorial Stadium that night were from various backgrounds. But the majority come from Indonesians who are domiciled in the Philippines.

That night they came with 14 members, but the number continued to grow. To facilitate coordination, they pointed one of the fast food restaurants to be their meeting point before leaving.

They also dress themselves with all-white trinkets. Starting from face paint, clothes, to frizzy frizzy hair. They tried as cheerfully as possible to be able to provide support to the Red and White team.

“Let it stand out. This is to support Indonesia,” said Fonad reported from

“These are already living in Manila. There are also those from Sulawesi and Java. These clothes are bought together. All unite for Indonesia,” he continued.


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