Waiting for Gold for Sepak Takraw


Sepak takraw is one of the sports that originated from the archipelago. Some countries claim to be the origin of sports that are now global, including Indonesia. Sepak takraw has become a game that has developed in the community, since a long time ago.

This branch is one of the sports branches in the Asian Games 2018. Sepak takraw with all the variants of the numbers has been contested since 1990. Ironically, Indonesia cannot speak much in a game that originally used small balls made of rattan.

Since 1990, the strongest country that dominates sepak takraw at the Asian Games is Thailand. The acquisition of 22 Thai gold medals, far from the acquisition of other countries, that is Myanmar which won 5 gold, and Malaysia with 3 gold. While Vietnam and South Korea each got 2 and 1 gold, while Indonesia, with just 8 bronze.

Of course, this is ironic for Indonesia that has the tradition of sepak takraw in ancient times and the opportunity of sepak takraw to get even better achievements is very open at this Asian Games 2018.


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