Men’s 3X3 Basketball Team Beware of Host Strength


The Putra Indonesia 3X3 Basketball National Team is wary of the power of the host of the Philippines at the 2019 SEA Games which has only a matter of days left. He said the Philippines should be taken into account because it has a good basketball culture and is quite well established.

Unlike in Indonesia, basketball in the Philippines is a popular sport. The popularity of basketball in Tagalog Country surpasses other sports such as baseball and football.
The competition system is much more mature and structured. Supported by an early age coaching program that is able to bring up potential young seeds every year.

The establishment of the Philippines in the field of basketball can also be seen from their performance at the 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup. Where they can compete with big powers like Italy, Australia or Iran.

In addition, in terms of ranking, the Philippines is also far from Indonesia. According to the latest data after the 2019 FIBA ​​World Cup, the Philippines ranks 40th in the world. While Indonesia is ranked 88. No doubt the Philippines is staying digadang as a basketball paradise in Southeast Asia.

“We play in the Philippines and they host a good basketball culture. However, we are thinking how to defeat other opponents and be able to meet the Philippines in the final. If in the finals anything can happen, “said Ali Budimansyah as the coach of the men’s 3×3 basketball national team.

Although heavy, but Ali still has great optimism. The reason they competed at number 3×3, the number that was first competed at the SEA Games. Because they are still debuting, each team is certainly blind to the strength of the other contestants. And the lack of information can be utilized to benefit Indonesia.

“First of all, there are no strong teams in 3×3. Secondly, I also have a strategy and I have already told my players to my players, “Ali said.


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