Becoming Civil Servants Can Not Disturb Activity as Athlete

Sumber Gambar: Tribun News

The profession as a sportsman in Indonesia does not seem to be a guarantee, especially guarantees later in an older age. In their productive and prestigious ages, sportsmen will easily get income as compensation for their achievements and hard work. But when their productivity and achievements decline due to age or other causes, they have no guarantee of their daily lives.

This is what the Indonesian government thinks so that Indonesian athletes who excel can also enjoy their hard work when they are no longer athletes. The government provides opportunities for outstanding athletes at the National Sports Week, Sea Games, Asian Games and Asian Para Games to take part in the prospective Civil Servants exam (CPNS).

The status of civil servants who will be carried by athletes is expected not to stop their careers, both in performance and guidance. Ministry of Youth and Sport, Imam Nahrawi hopes that they can continue to develop in the world of sports and give encouragement to their juniors.

“Some dispensations continue to be given, their careers in sports should not stop just because they become civil servants, they have to continue to be athletes and coaches and continue to develop their enthusiasm to their juniors, later on they will also be distributed in sports, clubs, sports schools and national training,” explained the Menpora reported by


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