Be Acquainted with Aero dan Aqsa, The Brothers from Jetski Branch


Some new sports will be competed at the Asian Games 2018. One of the 10 new sports is Jetski. This sport is a kind of race using motorbike-like vehicles in the water. Indonesia itself has the opportunity to get a medal in this sport.

One of the Indonesian branches in Jetski will be defended by the brothers, Aero and Aqsa Sutan Aswar. Both will be in the game and they will fight so that they can make Indonesia proud of the branch that will be competed at the Ancol Beach.Indonesia.

Aero and Aqsa’s love for Jetski certainly cannot be separated from the role of their parents, especially their father, Saiful Sutan Aswar. They were introduced and taught to play jetski since they were young.

Because my father and mother often take me on jetski since childhood, then I like it. Starting to become a hobby, it turns out you can race. Well, why don’t I be serious about it? The beginning of playing jetski when I was 4 years old, “said Aqsa, as quoted from Kumparan.

As an older brother, Aero certainly took the first part in international competitions, including winning the gold medal of the Asian Beach Games 2014 in Thailand. In preparation for facing Asian Games and improving their abilities, they were sent to the United States to attend a training camp by the Indonesian Center for Jetsport and Boating Association (PP IJBA).

The not too far age difference makes them often meet in one race, not least at the Asian Games 2018. However, this will not make them compete excessively, and they will help each other in the name of Indonesia.

“Very close, we are a year or two apart. We go everywhere together. Even during the race, we tend to be close with one another. Talking about competition, there must be, but if it wasn’t for the Asian Games, we would not back up each other. If it’s in a single event, it’d be different, we’re going to have a real race,” Said Aqsa.


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