Men Indonesia’s 3X3 Basketball Team Make Sure Not To Use Naturalization Players


Indonesian 3×3 Basketball men Team coach Ali Budimansyah ensured his team did not use naturalized players for the 2019 SEA Games. He said the team would be more leverage if it continued to use the composition of local players.

“Yes, so we really do not have naturalized players, all of these are local players, because I believe in Indonesian products. I trust all of my players at this time,” he said.

The former Bogor Siliwangi coach said using naturalized players cut the preparation time. The reason has to take care of administrative issues, passports and other documents.
The adaptation process takes into consideration. The player must be able to immediately adjust to local players, and vice versa. Not to mention there will be language barriers, culture shock and so forth.

This has the potential to become an obstacle. More SEA Games are just a matter of weeks. Because of that Ali considered the presence of naturalized players would bring new jobs later.

Also in Ali’s eyes the quality of basketball players in the country is also not inferior to foreign players. He asserted his foster children were the best athletes who came from various professional teams. Moreover, the 3X3 basketball team has also been forged in several multinational championships such as the FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Quest 2019 in the Maldives and the 2019 FIBA ​​3X3 Asia Cup in Changsha, China yesterday.

“So this is it, if you want to use naturalized players, the time is now tight. Taking care of administration such as making passports and other things is a hassle, so it’s better to use our local players, because they are also not inferior to foreign players, especially in physical terms. , “said the man who was familiarly called Coach Ali.

Finally, background similarities are judged to be an advantage later. So that there are no communication and chemistry obstacles built easily.


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