Men Basket Team Reason to Train in Serbia

Arki Dikania Wisnu, sumber:

The Indonesian men’s basketball national team held training camps in Serbia to cope with preparations ahead of the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. In addition to preparing the team, the national training plate was also held to concoct the best squad that would represent Indonesia.

Serbia was chosen because the style of basketball game of Eastern European countries was felt to be in line with the style of play that was carried by the national team. The plan while there was Avan Seputra and his friends in the agreement to do a match with the main division teams such as Mladost Zemun, Vojvodina, Kolubara, and OKK Beograd.

“We normally try to go to the United States, but after learning, the game system that is suitable for the Indonesian national team adheres to Eastern Europe,” explained the national team manager, Maulana Fareza Tamrella as reported by

“Incidentally Serbia is proven as a European country with the most players playing in the NBA. So we also want to try to study there. This is the first opportunity for the national team to conduct training camps in Eastern Europe,” he added.

The latest news says the team made by Rajko Toroman had left for Serbia since Thursday (10/24/2019) yesterday. Plan 14 athletes who will be taken intensive training for three weeks.

During the three weeks the coaching team will also conduct a rigorous selection. Because later there will only be 12 players who will be taken to the Philippines.

“There will be a training camp and we will compete nine times against teams from Serbia. It is expected to provide meaningful experience for the game system at the SEA Games, “said Fareza.

“We will return on November 16 and train again before leaving for the Philippines on November 2 because the men’s basket starts on December 4,” he added.


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