Still Lacking in Achievement, Nautical Sports Needs Many Competitions


Sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton or Basketball may have become the most popular sports for young children both from the school level and college level.

But for nautical sports such as surfing, jet skiing or other nautical sports it has not been as popular as the sports above mentioned. Indeed sports such as surfing or Jet skiing are arguably one of the most expensive sports.

But nautical or marine sports in Indonesia actually need a lot of competition, such as basketball, football or other popular sports. Moreover, Indonesia is a country that has more marine waters than the land. Through this sport, the potential from tourism can be obtained from the existence of a competition.

“Actually it is not only nautical sports. There are also sports in the lake, “said the Tourism Minister Expert and Chair of the Working Group for the Acceleration of Development of 10 Priority Tourism Destinations in Hiramsyah S Thaib, reported by (10/31/18).

Hiramsyah said that when giving the latest explanation of the data regarding the Development of 10 Priority Tourism Destinations. The data released as of October 2018. Introducing nautical sports which is surfing, one of them, explained Hiramsyah, through a tourism program.

Moreover, six of the 10 priority tourism destinations do rely on sea waters. As is the case in Lake Toba, the potential of tourism can be traversed from its lake water.

“One destination, Lake Toba, is lake water tourism,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Indonesian or GIPI Tourism Industry Association, Didien Junaedy, who hosted the discussion with the Ministry of Tourism, said that one of the nautical sports competitions could be carried out in Nias.  In the Nias islands, the potential for nautical sports can be said to be very large so that the tourism potential is growing to the international level as well as the island of Bali.

“As a matter of fact, sea waves at Nias is adequate for surfing,” Didien said. The potential to create competitions for nautical sports, continued Didien, can also be done on tourist destinations in Banyuwangi. Triathlon has been held in Banyuwangi, “closed Didien.


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