The Future of Indonesian Athletes Must be Consider

Sumber Gambar: Antara News

 “We don’t want to abandon our athletes after what they have done for this country” – Erick Thohir.

To pay attention to the future of Indonesian athletes, the Indonesian Sports Community (KORI) held a meeting with the theme “Is there guarantee for the future of Indonesian Athletes?

In the meeting, the chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee, Erick Thohir was present as the keynote speaker at the meeting. In addition, there were also other speakers such as former athletes Susi Susanti and participants who were representatives of sports in Indonesia.

Susi Susanti said that being an athlete is still not a decent life choice in Indonesia. However, Susi did not dismiss if the lives of Indonesian athletes, especially those with achievements today continue to improve.

Meanwhile, the head of KORI, Harry Warganegara said, Indonesia still does not pay well attention to its athletes. Even though he felt that these athletes had struggled to make the nation’s name international. That is why, KORI is formed as a form of concern for the world of Indonesian sports.

“The idea of KORI was born from just chatting, but when it came to think how much it should be sorted out. Indonesian Sports Community, anyone can join here. We are all here because we care about the world of sports. We want this world of sports to continue to advance for Indonesia, because we know that the existence of a country can be from the results or how the world of sports, “said Harry, while attending the KORI event at the Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK), Monday (10/12 / 2018), as quoted from Okezone.


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