Mardi Lestari, An Asian Record from Binjai


In the 1989 National Sports Week arena, an Asian record was successfully broken. The record comes from the athletic contingent, the 100m sprint number, on behalf of Afdiharto Mardi Lestari. On October 20th, 1989, Mardi Mardi recorded 0.08 seconds faster than Li Tao’s previous record.

Mardi Lestari is one of Indonesia’s best sprinter.  The best achievement of this Binjai man is to enter the 1988 Olympic semifinal round held in Seoul. This achievement matched the previous record sprinter Indonesia, Purnomo who came through the semifinals of the Los Angeles Olympics, in 1984.

Mardi’s incised record is 0.12 seconds faster than the national record in its own name.  The Asian record was later broken by Qatar’s Qatar Talal Mansoor with a time of 10.18 seconds a year later. While the new national record can be solved 20 years later by Suryo Agung Wibowo with a record 10.17 seconds.


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