Maram Sudarmodjo, A Struggle to Reach The First Asian Games Medal

Maram Sudarmodjo (kedua dari kiri). (

One of the medal for Indonesia at The First Asian Games of 1951 was presented by Maram Sudarmodjo. The man who was born on January 25th, 1928 managed to win a bronze medal in the men’s high jump held at National Stadium, New Delhi, India. One bronze medal from Maram Sudarmodjo is one of the five bronze medals achieved by Indonesia at the Asian Games of 1951.

During the match at The Asian Games of 1951, a 23 year old young man jumped with a 1.89 m leap.Sudarmodjo’s high jump is better than the number earned in the qualifying round just before the Asian Games, which is 1.85 m. Unfortunately, the jump achieved by Maram has not been able to pass from the silver winner, the difference is just 2 cm, Yukio Ishikawa from Japan, and 4 cm from the gold winner, Andres Franco from The Phillipines.

Maram Sudarmodjo was a member of the Indonesian Air Force who won a gold medal in the first Sports Week in Solo, 1948. Before leaving for The Asian Games of 1951 and the 1952 Olympics, the man who was familiarly called Sudar was practicing in the field of the Djakarta Raya Athletic Association (IKADA). By using a bicycle, Sudar went to the field which has now become the National Monument field and he brought a hoe with him. The hoe is used to loosen the ground before it is used as a landing place when jumping over the ruler.


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