Mang Koko, When Badminton Is Everywhere


“Badminton dimana-mana
Di kampung jeung di kota
Badminton keur suka-suka
Ngalipur manah sungkawa”

“Badminton is Everywhere
In the village and in the city
Badminton is for fun
It’s also can be for solace”

Badminton is a sport that is quite popular within the community. Besides its popularity, the sport that use the racket to hit the shuttlecock gives a lot of achievements for Indonesia, including at the international level.

Such blending between Badminton with Indonesian community, it gave an idea for Koko Koswara to create a song called badminton. With humorous lyrics, the artist who comes from Indihiang Tasikmalaya, writes how badminton becomes a popular sport that is easy to play, it can be played anywhere and anytime, whether as a sport achievement, as well as an entertainment sport.

Koko Koswara or famous as Mang Koko is a Sundanese artist who’s name is quite popular. Having worked in several places, Mang Koko became an outstanding lecturer at Dance Academy of Indonesia, Bandung, until he died in 1985. The award he received from the government was the Wijayakusumah Charter from the Ministry of Education and Culture, a category of reformer in the field of Karawitan art in 1971.

Besides describing badminton games with humor, Mang Koko describes if the game of hitting the shuttlecock it can be done simply and easily. This is because badminton, it’s close with daily activities of Indonesian people.

Although the song was created in Sundanese Language, but this song was popularized by the legendary Betawi artist, Benyamin Sueb.

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