Make Proud, the National Bicycle Racer, Contracted by the Thai Team

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Achievement success in the 2019 SEA Games Philippines, immediately catapulted the name of the women’s bicycle racer Ayustina Delia Priatna. Now, Ayu’s name is starting to be calculated by foreign teams. Evidently, currently Ayu immediately received a contract from the Thai Women’s Cycling Team (TWC) continental team, to be able to take part in international tournaments.

As reported by Okezone, this good news was delivered directly by the Head of Performance Improvement Division of the Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association (PB ISSI) executive board Budi Saputra, in Jakarta, Monday (01/20/20/20).

“Since the SEA Games, Ayu was monitored by a team from Thailand. They were finally interested in Ayu’s ability and were finally contracted,” Budi Saputra said.

The 2019 SEA Games have indeed been a means to prove Ayu’s quality. Appearing alone on the Individual Road Race (IRR) number, and having to compete with opponents from other countries that could bring down to three riders, apparently did not make the West Javanese virgin slacken her spirits. Ayu actually able to look special, and brought home a bronze medal for the Indonesian Team.

Before being able to perform well in the biennial level at the Southeast Asian level, the 22-year-old racer was indeed able to show a consistent achievement graphic, even increasing in each championship that was followed. The girl who was born in Bandung, is currently a mainstay of the Indonesian Team to appear on track tracks in long numbers.

“Our first target was reached. Ayu was contracted by a continental team. This is one of the results of PB ISSI’s coaching under the leadership of Raja Sapta Oktohari. It did not reach here. Our target is even higher for Ayu,” Budi said.

At TWC, Ayu filled the slot of Thai racer Jutatip Maneephan who is currently defending a European team, Alé BTC Ljubljana. He will work hand in hand with Chaniporn Batriya, Sarocha Kamonkhon, Kanyarat Kesthonglang, Wilaowam Kunlanpha, Chanpeng Nontasin, Supuntorn Nuntana and Phetdarin Somrat.

Budi added PB ISSI will continue to oversee the development of Ayu because it wants the highest achievements to be achieved. Entering the Asian continental team, he said, is expected to be able to be a support and motivation for Ayu to be able to penetrate European teams.

“This year there are many programs for our drivers. Not only for road, but all the disciplines that exist. The program just needs to be run,” said the man from Purwokerto.


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