Loving Sports Since An Early Age-Pungky Afriecia’s Style


Love of a sport can be planted from childhood. Our environment, whether family, school, or the surrounding community can help a person to love a sport, develop it, and eventually become a mainstay in the branch.

This situation we can see early in the career of Pungky Afriecia. This woman who’s born in 1994 inherited the talent and love of volleyball from her mother. To VoliMania, the player who once defended Alko Bandung admitted, that her introduction with volleyball occurred when she was a child. While sitting in elementary school, athlete who is now playing in BJB Pakuan Bandung take volleyball’s extracurricular.

“Since elementary school I joined volleyball lessons, until finally I follow extracurricular. My mom also used to be a volleyball athlete as well. Therefore, my mom support me join the ekskul. Next, I was told to go to the club with the gym teacher. I was stagnate, I didn’t exercise because I was busy preparing for wanting National Exam during grade 6th. I play again after I enter 7th igrade, and I start diligently until now,” Said Pungky as quoted from Volimania.org.

Pungky’s love for volleyball had been challenged by her father who wanted her daughter to focus more on studying. However, after seeing Pungky’s earnestness during her volleyball, her father turned to support her eldest daughter’s desire for a career in volleyball.
“It’s fair because I’m a girl, whereas if volleyball practice is really tired and must fall up and down, chase the ball. Papa asked me to focus on studying. However, after seeing my earnestness and then accompanied by accomplishments, my father finally support,” Said Pungky to bola.com.

The love and sincerity of Afrion Emrin and Imey Medyanan’s eldest daughter for a career in volleyball finally paid off, after Pungky could play on some Livoli and Proliga teams.


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