Lifter Indonesia Wins Gold Medal in Iran

Sumber Gambar:

Indonesia won 6 gold medals in the weightlifting tournament, Fadjar International Tournament, Rasht, Iran, Monday (3/2/2020) early morning hrs. Three Indonesian gold medals in the tournament were each donated, Eko Yuli Irawan and Triyatno.

The championship with the official name of the 5th International Fajr Cup is one of the qualifications for the 2020 Olympics. In this event, Indonesia sent three senior athletes namely Eko Yuli Irawan, Deni, and Triyatno. They were accompanied by Alamsyah Wijaya as team manager, and coaches Erwin Abdullah Daming and Muhammad Rusli.

At the event which took place from February 1 to February 5, 2020, Eko Yuli Irawan dropped in its flagship number, the 67 kg class. In this class, Eko showed his ability by winning 3 gold medals from the 138kg snatch, clean and jerk 172kg, and a total of 310kg. Eko’s success was also followed by Triyatno. From the snatch force of 136kg, clean and jerk 170kg, and a total force of 306kg, Triyatno managed to be the best in the 73kg class.

Meanwhile, Deni won two silver and one bronze. Two silver were obtained by Deni from the 160 kg clean and jerk force and 285 kg total force. Bronze medal was obtained from 125 kg snatch angkata.

Reporting from, Dirdja Wihardja as Head Coach of the Indonesian Olympic Weightlifting Team explained, of the three lifter who were deployed in Iran, only Eko Yuli managed to meet the target force. However, this is because the lifter Deni and Triyatno have only re-trained for the past month. They still have a chance to fix it at the upcoming Asian Championships in Kazakhstan in April 2020.

“Eko has met the total target of 310kg and Deni has not met the total target of 315kg. Likewise with Triyatno the target is 330kg,” he explained in a release received by


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