L’Etape Indonesia Will be Used by PB ISSI to Find a New Racer

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The world of Indonesian bicycle racing must be proud, after the L’Etape Indonesia by Tour de France road bike championship will certainly be held in the country. Precisely in the Kuta Mandalika Area, Central Lombok (Attic), on 5 April 2020.

It is predicted that 1,300 road bike racers from 20 countries will be ready to compete in the high level international event.

L’Etape Indonesia by Tour de France is presented by the organizer of the Tour de France U.S.O (Amaury Sport Organization), and cooperates with local Indonesian organizer Rocca. Indonesia is now joined by 12 other countries, which could host L’Etape in 2020, such as Colombia, Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, Australia and Thailand.

During this time in the world of bicycle racing, the Tour de France is indeed known as one of the most iconic legendary competitions in the world. Millions of fans and racers, always trying to feel the sensation of the race, both from local and international.

“At present there are almost 20 countries registered to join this event,” said Zacky Badrudin, Event Director of L’Etape Indonesia by Tour de France in Jakarta, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, as quoted from suarantb.com.

The Tour de France-style bicycle racing experience as the most prestigious bicycle racing event on Earth, will be felt at this L’Etape Indonesia event. Like the inauguration of the King of Mountain (KOM) climb champion with a typical polka-dot jersey, a green jersey for the sprint champion, and also the winner of the race in general, who will wear a yellow jersey, and do not miss the white jersey for talented young racers.

There will be two categories of competitions in L’Etape Indonesia 2020, which are 135 Km and 80 Km. The choice of the distance of this race, to provide a sensation and good experience for the participants, as is also done in the Tour de France, as well as providing an atmosphere of typical Indonesian sports tourism.

Meanwhile, PB ISSI Daily Chair, Bagus Hermanto said that L’Etape Indonesia will be used as a media to attract new athletes from. road race number.

“We hope that Indonesia will not only be there this year, but will continue to exist in the following years. We hope this event can become an amateur forum that feeds or gives birth to professional bicycle athletes, ‘hope Bagus.


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