Learn from the Success of Koko Prasetyo Darkuncoro as an Athlete and Beach Volleyball Coach for the Indonesian Team


Not many sports people are able to be successful in two professions ideally in their career path. Namely as an athlete and coach at an international level. However, one of the figures who was able to achieve this was Koko Prasetyo Darkuncoro, an athlete / coach of sand volleyball (beach) who was a champion of the Indonesian Team.

As an athlete, this man who comes from the Volleyball club Galang Practices Ethical Norms via Sports (Ganevo) Yogyakarta has made many achievements, ranging from regional to international.

At the regional level, Koko, who started his career as an indoor volleyball athlete, has strengthened various clubs in Indonesia. Starting from Ganevo Yogyakarta (1995-2002), then also moving to several Proliga teams such as the Bank DKI Jakarta volleyball team (2002-2004), P2B Sananta Jakarta (2007-2008) and the Palembang Bank SumselBabel volleyball club (2009).

Meanwhile, as a sand volleyball athlete for the Indonesian National Team, various classy achievements have been achieved by the son of the HR Sarodjo Darsono and Hj R ng Dinik Rahayu couple. Among the achievements made by Koko in the international sand volleyball sport, so that he succeeded in bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals, was the 2nd winner (runner-up) of the Korean Asian Games in 2002 so that he won a silver medal, a gold medal at the Vietnam SEA Games (2003) , a gold medal at the student world championship in Thailand (2004), a silver medal at the Manila SEA Games, the Philippines (2005), a bronze medal at the Qatar Asian Games (2006), a gold medal at the Thai SEA Games (2007), a gold medal for the Asian Beach Games in Bali (2008) , the gold medal at the Laos SEA Games (2009), the gold medal at the SEA Games in Palembang (2011), the gold medal for the Asian Beach Games in China (2012) and the gold medal for the Asian Beach Games in Thailand (2014).

While at the national level, as a volleyball athlete, Koko has experienced various titles, including. gold medal for sand volleyball at PON 2004 and silver medal for indoor volleyball at PON 2008.

After leaving as an athlete in 2015, Koko immediately received the honor of becoming a coach for the Indonesian sand volleyball national team. Together with Koko, the achievements of the Indonesian national team also look proud. The achievements of the Indonesian sand volleyball national team are also quite impressive and proud, namely being able to win gold and silver medals from various world-level volleyball championships, such as 1st place in East Asia Continental 2015, 1st place in Asia Pacific in Taiwan (2019), 1st place in the Manila SEA Games. , Philippines (2019) and many others.

According to Koko, as reported by KRJogja.com, to become athletes and coaches who have good achievements, there are three key words that must be followed. These keywords are perseverance, discipline and consistency. By practicing these three words, Koko feels that his career as a volleyball athlete can be full of blessings. One of them was he was rewarded as a State Civil Apparatus at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Currently, Koko himself is determined to be able to continue in the world of volleyball, while continuing to share his knowledge and experiences with the younger generation, so that potential volleyball seeds will continue to emerge and can always be the pride of Red and White in the eyes of the world.

“Of course what has been achieved is my pride. But volleyball continues to develop. Therefore, in order to maintain the achievements that have been achieved so far, in the future, we must be willing to learn and learn, “he said.


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