League Supports 18 Indonesian Athletes Compete in Youth Olympic Games 2018


The Indonesian contingent will compete at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 on October 6th-October 18th 2018 which will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are 18 athletes aged 14-18 years participating in the event. Sports branches that will be followed by Indonesian contingents include weightlifting, badminton, swimming, basketball and golf. On this occasion, League as a global brand from Indonesia feels that it’s the calling and needs to provide support to the Indonesian Contingent especially to officials and athletes who will compete at the Youth Olympic Games 2018.

“As a global brand from Indonesia, of course we feel that is the calling and proud to support young Indonesian athletes to fight in the name of the nation, and of course, will make us more proud if the national anthem, Indonesia Raya can reverberate and the Red and White Flag fluttering in Argentina later” , said Prajna Murdaya as Director of PT Berca Sportindo principal brand League.

At the Youth Olympic Games 2014 in Nanjing, China, the Indonesian contingent was ranked 80th out of 203 participating countries, where young Indonesian athletes managed to get 1 (one) bronze medal from the badminton sport from the young athlete Anthony Sinisuka Ginting who defeated Aditya Joshi from India 2 (two) straight sets, 21-17 in the first set and 21-16 in the second set..

“Our target this year is better than the Youth Olympic Game 2014 with the target of entering the top 50 in the world. We have the chance to win medals in all sports. Our superior sporting branch this year is weightlifting and badminton, “said Dito Ariotedjo as Chairman of the Indonesian Contingent (Chef de Mission) Youth Olympic Games 2018.

As a proud Indonesian’s sportswear brand which focuses on the development of Indonesian and world sports, the League is very proud to be involved in this international sporting event in the ‘Youth Olympic Games’ class, especially to support young athletes who are competing in it, where activities like this also bring the League as a global brand from Indonesia known by the people of the world who witnessed the ‘Youth Olympic Games’ event, this also opened up opportunities to market League products abroad, especially countries like Argentina.

“Good luck, get the best achievement for Indonesia, compete with passion and high sportsmanship, we always support you”, said Prajna Murdaya.


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