Lalu Zohri Said There Are Advantages Behind the Postponement of the 2020 Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been officially postponed until next year, due to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19). Although disappointing, for many Indonesian Team athletes this momentum was judged to make them able to make even more optimal preparation, in the face of the four-yearly sports party.

One of them is the mainstay Indonesian Team sprinter, Then Muhammad Zohri. The athlete from NTB assessed that the delay would actually benefit his preparation.

“It’s okay to postpone, so I also have plenty of time to prepare,” Zohri said, as reported by Republika.

In the current co-19 pandemic, runners who have already pocketed tickets to the Olympics are now practicing independently in their hometown of Lombok. This has been done by Zohri since the last two weeks.

“For now, practice at home first,” he said.

Zohri himself said that he kept practicing with the same pattern and program, which he had obtained while undergoing Pelatnas in Jakarta all this time. The program has been formulated by a team of Indonesian Team coaches for athletes who train at their respective homes.

Previously, the Executive Board of the All Indonesian Athletics Association (PB PASI) indeed chose to send their athletes back to their respective regions. After Jakarta was declared a red zone in the co-19 pandemic. The capital city is indeed the most populous area with co-19.


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