La Paene Masara, Ellyas Pical Fan, Who Dedicates His Life to Boxing

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Ellyas Pical’s Glorious, has indeed made him an idol for the boys who grew up in the 80-90s era. One of them inspired a La Paene Masara, a boy from Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, who dreams of becoming a boxer like his pride. His hard work and steel determination also led La Paene Masara to become one of the living legends of boxing in Indonesia today.

Little La Paene knew the world of boxing, when he was still in the sixth grade of elementary school. Ellyas Pical was the inspiration for choosing this tough sport.

“I chose boxing as a life choice after seeing Bang Elly (Ellyas Pical) being cheered by the residents when I returned to Ambon. I am determined to be like him, “said La Paene as quoted by Bola.

At that time, in La Paene village, there was no boxing gym and infrastructure. He also trains on his own. He trains physically and strength only by running, lifting weights, and hitting a punching bag. While the technique was obtained, by listening carefully to Ellyas Pical’s boxing method from the newspaper.

“I practiced in the garden, then was kicked out and moved to a cemetery near the beach. Now, on that beach there is a cave where a madman lives. I practiced with him until he was considered crazy too, “said La Paene.

In order to achieve his dream of becoming a boxing athlete, La Paene even decided to quit school, so he could go to Ambon and join the Bara Sakti Boxing Gym.

“In Ambon I lived in the market and slept on the bridge. I felt the bitterness and harshness of life there, ”said La Paene.

Because basically it has talent. Having only practiced for about three months, La Paene was immediately able to win the regional championships in Maluku. Twice won, he also received a call from the Maluku National Amateur Boxing Association (Pertina).

After joining Pertina, La Paene’s boxing career continued to take off. The gold medal at the Senior National Championship in Manado in 1994 became the opening door for the fifth child of six children to enter the 1995 SEA Games National Training Center (Pelatnas) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

La Paene’s international debut did not go smoothly. He immediately lost in the first round of the 1995 SEA Games. However, this failure did not discourage him. 12 months later, La Paene was immediately able to get up and show his international quality. He successfully won the qualification for the 1996 Olympics in the Philippines, and automatically won a ticket to the biggest sporting event in the world.

At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, La Paene succeeded in making a good achievement. He became the third Indonesian boxer who was able to reach the quarter-finals, after previously the same thing was done by Ferry Moniaga (Munich 1972) and Albert Papilaya (Barcelona 1992).

.”That was the best moment in my career. When I returned to my hometown, I was like a celebrity. Many people are willing to come from afar just to shake hands with me, ”said the man who was born in Buton November 10, 1973.

After recording the gold ink in the history of Indonesian boxing, the name La Paene continues to soar in the world of boxing. In 1997 and 1999 he won two SEA Games gold medals.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, La Paene again qualified for the main round, after winning qualification in Bangkok Thailand. But this time the journey had to end early, having lost in the second round of the Olympics.

With an age that is no longer young after the Sydney Olympics, La Paene finally left the world of amateur boxing and turned professional in 2001.

But his pro career was not too long, La Paene only lasted four years in the professional boxing ring, until finally he really hanging boxing gloves in 2005.

Having difficulty getting a post-retirement job, luckily La Paene at that time received attention from DKI Governor Sutiyoso. He also got a job at the DKI Regional Government because of his brilliant achievements in boxing.

No longer active as an athlete, it does not mean that La Paene has lost 100% of the world of boxing. A heart call, he continues to want to be involved in the world of boxing, both as a trainer and as a gym administrator. Even today he is a member of the technical committee of Central Indonesia Amateur Boxing Association . And are continuing to encourage Indonesian boxers to qualify for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021.


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