Kurash, a Martial Art from Central Asia


One of the first sports events at the Asian Games was Kurash. This martial arts was contested as an exhibition branch at the previous Asian Games, in Incheon, in 2014.
The entry into the Asian Games is representative of martial arts branches for Central Asian countries. Although kurash included in the world’s oldest martial arts sport, the International Kurash Association (IKA) was founded in 1998.
The Kurash world championship for the first time was held in 1999. In Indonesia, Kurash is incorporated in the organization of the Kurash Indonesia Executive Board (Pengurus Besar Kurash Indonesia-PBKI).
Kurash’s basic movements resemble martial arts wrestling and martial arts of Judo. But in the Kurash technique the opponent slams in a standing position on the top hook and is not allowed to use a link on the foot. At the 2018 Asian Games, Kurash will be contested at the Jakarta Convention Center. This martial arts division will provide 8 gold medals.


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