Krisna Bayu, The Giant from Semarang

Sumber Gambar:

One of the martial arts competed at the Asian Games is a branch of Judo. For Indonesia, Branches born and rooted in Japan is set target to reap the highest achievement. One of the living legend of Indonesian judo is Krisna Bayu.

The man from Tangarang, Semarang, becomes Indonesia’s prominent judo in three Olympics, which were 1996, 2000, and 2004. During his time as a judo player, Krisna Bayu became a specialist in the 100 kg class. In the SEA Games event, this man born in 1974 has sailed a judo match in about 12 SEA Games. In addition to performing at the 3rd Asian Games, Krisna Bayu’s highest achievement in Asia was ranked 3rd in the Asian Judo Championships, 2004 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 90kg class.

In 2009, Krisna Bayu won a gold medal at the Asian Martial Art Games 2009 held in Bangkok. Krisna Bayu’s career is closed by grabbing a gold medal in Riau Sports Week 2012. After that, the man from Semarang is retired as an active judo player because he already felt enough activity in the sport that he has been doing for 18 years.


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