KONI Ready to Take Care of SIKM Athletes from Outside Jakarta

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The athletes of Pelatnas residents who are now being repatriated to their respective regions, due to the covid-19 pandemic and also the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy in DKI Jakarta, are ensured by the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) will not experience difficulties, if in time they must return to Jakarta.

Difficulties that are likely to be experienced by people who will enter Jakarta, are related to the administrative requirements for Exit Permit (SIKM). But on this matter, KONI has promised to provide full assistance to athletes, so that they are easy to get in and out of between regions, especially to the Capital, when they have to go back to training camps.

This was confirmed by KONI Chairperson Marciano Norman. Concerning the administration and the Pelatnas athlete’s plan to return to training, Marciano has already begun to think about and need to devise a mechanism, bearing in mind the government has begun to give signals to loosen PSBB.

Considering the density of the sports event in 2021 to come, KONI also feels that if the new normalcy policy can be a momentum for Indonesian sports to rise again, by holding a series of preparations to pursue the best achievements.

“The Central KONI, the sports leaders, and the provincial KONI will coordinate. If SIKM is still needed, we will arrange it by the sports leaders, or the Central or provincial KONI,” Marciano said, as reported by Antara.

“The principle is that the athlete’s normal training program should not be disturbed.”

Some sports, such as weightlifting, badminton and shooting, indeed continue to carry out the Pelatnas program, in the midst of a pandemic, by continuing to implement health protocols in accordance with central government recommendations. Meanwhile, many other sports do not want to be at risk by continuing to run Pelatnas. They prefer to send athletes home, and run online training programs, with full monitoring from the coach team.

KONI until now, continues to discuss with the sports, to be able to get input, in the framework of the preparation of health protocol standards for sports. With the aim, as soon as possible, can hold sports activities again, both at regional and national levels, in the context of a new normality period.

In addition to the guidelines on Pelatnas and regional training activities, the protocol being drafted by KONI will also include the standardization of sports competitions which had stopped for almost the last three months.


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