KONI Requested Sports and Athletes to focus on International Achievement


The success of Indonesian athletes at the biggest multi-event event in Asia, the Asian Games last August, has a major influence on sports achievements in the country. Especially for the main national sport, KONI.

Indonesia itself in the Asian Games event then achieved a pretty neat result, which ranks 4th with 31 gold medals. 24 silver medals and 43 bronze medals with total of 98 medals. These results are considered to exceed the planned target of 16 gold medals.

Seeing these records, the central KONI management is very appreciative and still hoped that all branch managers could continue to improve athletes’ achievements up to the national level. Primarily the athlete protégés are relatively young.

“We ask all the management of the main branch of the sport to improve their performance on a day-to-day basis, especially in the international arena,” said General Chairman of the Central Indonesian National Military Command (Ret.) Tono Suratman.

Furthermore according to Tono in the near future, there are two international sports parties, including the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines and the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

“After the end of the Asian Games, we must get ready for the next two international events, the SEA Games and the Olympics. In addition, in 2020, there will also be a National Sports Week (PON), “said Tono.

Tono Suratman revealed that the management of the sports branch and the athletes are able to produce the best abilities, so it is not impossible that Indonesia can achieve the best results in the two international events.

“Of course we all hope that Indonesia’s success will not only stop at the Asian Games, but continuously, including at the SEA Games and the Olympics,” said Tono.

At the end, Tono said that in some sports that will be able to gain more gold, such as pencak silat, rock climbing and paragliding, he requests that the board and or continue to work together to improve their abilities.

“Indonesia’s achievements are fantastic in the pencak silat sport. Then, in the wall climbing and paragliding sports branch, Indonesia turns out to be the champion. This is also a success, “closed Tono.


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