Knowing Table Tennis


Table tennis is a sport that combine the use of a ball, racket as a bat, and a table as a field. This sport emerged as a game of the upper classes in England, around the mid-19th century. The sport began to spread when the British military brought table tennis to India.

In 1921, an international organization was established which accommodate the world table tennis activities called Table Tennis Association. The name of this organization turned into the International Table Tennis Federation in 1926. In the same year, the world championship table tennis was held in the city of London. For the first time in 1988, table tennis was played as an official sport at the Olympics. Whereas in the Asian Games, this sport has been contested since 1958. During the Asian Games, Indonesia won 1 silver medal, by the men’s pair Empie Wuisan and Sinyo Supit, in 1978.

In the upcoming 2018 Asian Games, the Table Tennis sport will compete for five gold medals, consisting of single and men’s team, single and women’s team, and mixed doubles. These matches will be held at JI Expo Kemayoran Jakarta, from August 26th until September 1st, 2018.


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