Emotional Story of Alim’s Struggle, the Badminton’s Gold Winner at Asian Para Games 2018

Sumber Gambar: Tribunnews.com

A good achievement was made by one of the Indonesian women disabled badminton athlete, Khalimatus Sadiyah at the Asian Para Games 2018. Where the 19-year-old woman, succesffuly in winning a gold medal for Indonesia at this four-year event.

But who would have thought, behind her success, there was an emotion that accompanied the career journey of a woman from Mojokerto, East Java. Based on the narrative of her mother Maslukah, as reported by Tribunnews.com, Khalimatus Sadiyah has grown up in a simple family since childhood. Even to connect daily life, relying on money from selling food and beverages that are located not far from her residence in Kecubuk Hamlet, Banjartanggul Village, Pungging District, Mojokerto Regency.

According to the 53-year-old woman, she always supported the activities of Alim (the nickname of the Khalimatus Sadiyah) especially in pursuing badminton. Even when Khalimatus wished to become a badminton athlete, any attempt was made especially to buy Alim shoes and racket and include them in private badminton education at PB Bendo Sport.

In fact, the quality is far from the racquet used by other athletes in PB Bendo Sport. Even so according to Maslukah, Alim remained eager to undergo training without being discouraged.

“I bought Alim racket that costs Rp 150,000 and Rp 90,000 for shoes. However, Alim remains confident in practicing and not discouraged, “she said, as quoted from Tribunnews.com

What’s touching even more, the fact that the amount of Rp 240,000 was collected by Maslukah for 2 months from her selling. Even on Saturdays and Sundays, she resisted to take a day off to meet the needs of her youngest child in playing badminton. Not only that, but also trying to set aside money for Alim’s private expenses.

“Every day I sell. I have never been on vacation. Until now I never take a day off for the sake of my beloved kid.  I am the sole provider for the family. Because I was separated from my husband when Alim was 2 years old, “she explained.

“I want to see my child succeed. Even I’m very poor, but I save little by little to pay PB Bendo Sport fees. Pay Rp 100,000 per month. For private badminton course, pay Rp. 15,000 every two days, “she added.

And now, all the emotional stories have sweet results.  Alim’s life and a family have changed. Thanks to hard work and motivational encouragement from families that have not ceased to exist, Alim often became a champion when she performed and participated in numbers of badminton events.

And now even though Alim won gold and bronze medals at the Asian Para Games 2018, her family’s lifestyle does not change even at the slightest, they remain simple. Even now she has been able to give some of her sustenance from the results of winning the race for her mother.

“God’s willing, I will send my mom to perform Umrah. I also continued to pray that my next target could be achieved. The target is that I can buy land for my mother to sell, because all this time my mother is still renting for 16 years,” Alim said.

On the other hand, Alim also has advice for parents who have children with special needs, do not be ashamed. Because behind the shortcomings, there are also advantages. Parents must be good at seeing their children’s talents.

“Now most parents who have special needs children are embarrassed. Parents often locked up their disabled children in the house. Don’t locked them up and support the child’s talent. There’s no need to be ashamed, “she said.


Meanwhile, after winning the gold and bronze medals at the Asian Para Games 2018, Alim has another target of entering the Olympics Games. Currently she is still collecting victory points.


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