Impressive, there’s Indonesian Batik on Contestant’s Jersey at YOG 2018


The world’s largest young multi-event sports event, the Youth Olympics Games 2018 which takes place in the Argentina capital, Buenos Aires will end on October 18th, 2018 tomorrow.

Temporarily, the Indonesian contingent is in position 70 by packing one bronze medal. The bronze medal was obtained from a weightlifter, Nur Vinatasari.

Especially in Badminton, Indonesia sent two representatives, Ikhsan Leonardo Imanuel Rumbay and Maharani Sekar Batari. Unfortunately Maharani must be eliminated in the group phase in the women’s single, while Ikhsan successfully advanced to the last eight men’s single and against the fourth superior, Lakshya Sen from India, but Ikhsan finally aground by the Indian representative.

Ikhsan must slightly lost 17-21, 19-21 from Indian representatives in the match held on Thursday (11/10/18) yesterday.

In the sport of badminton itself, launching from (12/10/18) there are things that are quite interesting and grab the attention. This time it was focused on the Laos badminton team, although only one representative in the men’s single, the Laos representative was able to appear confident.

The athlete’s confidence increases as he wears badminton costumes with batik motifs. Even the batik itself is not typical from Laos, but from Indonesia. After investigating, it turns out that the batik motif costume with the Batik Megamendung cloud pattern on the left arm worn by the Laos athlete is sponsored by one of Indonesia’s local brands, name Flypower.

What people need to know that Flypower is a well-known brand in the country that sells badminton equipment ranging from rackets, shuttlecocks, bags, shoes, to shirts and other badminton accessories. The presence of Flypower as a sponsor of one of the contingents from abroad is certainly proud, especially with the use of batik as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage..

After seeing that, of course for an international events, the  local Indonesian brands able to rise in rank, not only able to sponsor Southeast Asian teams, but also other Asian teams or even teams from Europe.


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