Family Becomes the Motivation For Ai to Reach Achievement


Successfully conquering the Malaysian fighter Muhammad Faizul M Nasir, Abdul Malik succeeded in sweeping the gold medal in the sport of the men’s class B pencak silat 50 kg-55 kg. Students of Manado State University Department of PKL / FIK in the 9th semester revealed that his family becomes his motivation to reach achievement and he dedicates his achievement for his family and for Indonesian people.

“I offer this gold medal for my family, for my younger siblings. I want to change the fate of my family too,” he said.

The man who is familiarly called Ai is indeed born from a family of fighters. Starting from his grandfather, his father, Sultan Jufri, to his younger siblings, pursued the sport of pencak silat. According to his uncle, Mahmud Lagga, this talent passed down from the extended family of his father and mother.

“So indeed that pencak silat flows in Ai’s blood. From his parents, since childhood he had learned martial arts and ingrained himself, starting with traditional martial arts, developed into martial arts. His younger siblings also learned martial arts, “said Mahmud.

“I salute his motivation.He tries to elevate his parents’ fortune. I am very proud, he does not give up. Continue to practice to get achievements, “he added to State that this achievement is dedicated to Indonesian families and communities.


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