Jakarta Fencing National Championship, Becomes Media Selection Towards SEA Games 2019

Sumber Gambar: Tribun News

The Management of the All Indonesia Fencing Association [PB IKASI] does not want to waste time preparing for the Sea Games 2019. Although it is still long enough, IKASI has now begun preparations ahead of the Sea Games 2019.

One of the preparations is to hold the National Championship on November 1st-7th. The National Championship held in Jakarta will simultaneously become a national selection event for athletes prepared to perform at the Sea Games 2019.

The Chairperson of IKASI Riau, Kastalani Rahman, ensures that he will send all of his best athletes to take part in the Fencing National Work 2018. He also hopes that athletes will be able to compete seriously because this event is very important.

“Therefore we ask all Riau athletes who follow the National Championship to compete seriously,” said Kastalani.

Kastalani hopes that many athletes from Riau will qualify for the preparation of the Sea Games 2018. Because of that, Kastalani reduced many athletes to take part in the National Workforce 2018, including athletes who performed at the Asian Games 2018.


In total, there are 32 athletes who will be deployed by Riau for all the numbers competed. The amount is in detail are 18 male and 14 female athletes. They will compete on predetermined numbers.

“Our athletes who appear at the Asian Games 2018 are Megawati, Nurulaini, M Zulfikar, M Fatah Prasetio and M Zuhdi,” closed Kastalani.


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