Because of This, the Asian Games Rowing Venue is Enjoyed by the People


After the Asian Games 2018 took place, Jakarta and Palembang, which are honored to be the organizers of the city, received ‘inheritance’ which is not less than the four-year event.

Several race venues that are deliberately build, are expected to be a silent witness to the development of national athletes at other international events. But not only that, some places even have economic value as tourism objects.

Reporting from Viva, PT Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) seeks to maximize the use of rowing venues by opening a Watersport game. At present, the game has been opened to the public and can be enjoyed by tourists. PT. JSC itself only provides two jetski for visitors. But the City Government (City Government) of Palembang is said to be soon to provide additional jetski.

“This lake in JSC is already world famous as a water sports venue. In order to maximize utilization, we have provided two jetski units. We will add more, maybe there is assistance from the Palembang City Government which has three jetski units, “said PT JSC Managing Director, Meina Fatriani Paloh.

As an effort to mediate, PT JSC invited the Mayor of Palembang Harnojoyo and the ranks of the city government to directly try the jetski game on the JSC lake. The number one person in Palembang also responded positively to what Meina wanted.

“Pak Harno strongly supports tourism sports in JSC. Look at him and his wife are very enthusiastic when playing jetski in JSC, “added Meina.

Meina admitted that the JSC complex has great potential in the tourism sector. Besides jetski, a banana boat fleet will also be prepared soon.

“So everything is still being studied. When everything is ready, it will be opened to the public, “he continued.

Finally, it also shows plans to build a floating market in the JSC canal. Later on the canal will be built a restaurant overlooking the lake.  But Meina acknowledged that the great potential of JSC to become a tourist attraction requires support from many parties. Primarily in terms of funding.

“We need investors and government support starting from the Palembang city government, the South Sumatra provincial government, to the central government,” concluded Meina.

Despite continuing to explore the potential of sports tourism, JSC still does not forget the utilization of the venue as a venue for the development of achievements. Next year the plan will be held a world-class canoe championship, bowling, triathlon, shooting and beach volleyball.



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