Kabaddi, Recreational Sport from India


One of the sports that competed in the 2018 Asian Games is Kabaddi, which comes from South Asia. The sport that involves seven players in each team is growing in many areas of the Indian subcontinent, and is a national sport country of Bangladesh. The sport was unofficially unveiled by the Indian team at the Berlin Olympics, 1936.
As it grows into a modern sport, Kabaddi began to flourish and be played in other countries. In 1978, the Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation appeared which directly organized the Asian championship two years later. The sport was officially contested at the 1990 Asian Games. In 2004, 31 nations agreed to form the world’s Kabaddi organization, under the name International Kabaddi Federation. In the same year, the world championship of Kabaddi was held in Mumbay, India.
There are similarities between the game Kabaddi with traditional Indonesian games such as bastion or gobak sodor. In each team of seven people and three reserves, each team takes turns sending a raider / attacker to the opposite area in order to touch the opponent. On the contrary, the opponent will get points when it succeeds in catching the raider who will return to its place.


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