Jonatan Christie, Between God’s Way and His Father’s Desire

ANTARA/INASGOC/Puspa Perwitasari/tom

After achieving brilliant achievements by donating gold medal to badminton sports for Indonesia in the Asian Games 2018, many people start to be aware of Jonatan Christie. In fact, his career is now starting to climb and begin to be taken into an account.

Being Indonesia’s representative in the men’s single, Jojo – his nickname – managed to advance to the final to meet Chou Tien Chen. In the match that was held on Tuesday (08/28/2018), Jojo managed to defeat the representatives of China in three sets, that is 21-18, 20-22 and 21-15.

The impact of what Jojo did in Asia’s biggest sports event has made Jojo’s rank at BWF (the world badminton federation) rises up 3 places to 12th.

However, who would have thought, the young man who was born in Jakarta 20 years ago actually had time to pursue football. As a child, football became a sport that Jonathan Christie was interested in compared to badminton.

Jonathan Christie’s introduction to badminton started when his father, Andreas Adisiswa began to often invite Jojo to play together. Seeing the talent and development of his son, the father wanted Jojo to focus more on badminton only.

Jojo’s interest in a career in the world of sports passed down from the father who really liked sports. In the past, Jojo’s father wanted to become a sports athlete, especially football. However, his desire got opposition from his parents so that little Andrew did not fail to become an athlete.

“At first Jonathan Christie also wanted football. But his father thought and kept saying don’t pursue football, “said the mother’s story as reported by bolasport.

The achievements that Jonathan Christies has achieved are the results of his hard work since childhood. The father’s desire for his son to become an athlete seemed to find his way, because Jonathan Christie had never regretted making the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya echoed after he was confirmed to win a gold medal at the Asian Games 2018.


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