Approach AFF Cup, The National Team Won’t Try Out Abroad

Sumber: DetikSport

Indonesia U-23 national team is increasingly intense preparing themselves to get off at the prestigious tournament, the AFF 2018 Cup which will take place on November 9th at the Singapore National Stadium. In order to achieve the best results in the event, Garuda Jaya troops dubbed the Indonesia U-23 national team have scheduled three international test matches.

So far the Indonesian national team has undergone three international trial matches. First against Mauritius national team on (11/09/18) and ending with the Indonesian national team victory with a narrow score of 1-0, the second was to try out against Myanmar National Team at (10/10/18) and ended with a landslide victory 3-0. And the third was against the Hong Kong national team on (16/10/18) and ended with a 1-1 draw.

The three international trials were carried out in their own countries. And many questions from national team lovers, why not try outside Indonesia. the number of questions, the U-23 national team interim coach, Bimasakti has its own assessment. According to him if testing abroad, it is better to return players to their respective clubs rather than try abroad. However, until now, a few weeks before the AFF Cup 2018 begins, there’s no sign that the Garuda Team would undergo a trial match abroad. Bima Sakti chose to let its players return to their respective clubs after the game against Hong Kong.

“Actually, we see more players need to compete in the league. Moreover, players need clubs. The preparations were already tight because on November 9th,  we already play, “Bima said from (10/15/18).

“If we have to go abroad, we will need more energy because players will run out of stamina when they return to the club. I think it’s better for them to go back to and we will confirm again when we gather again to prepare for November 9, “Bima concluded.

The Indonesian national team will start their work in the AFF 2018 Cup Group B by visiting the National Stadium, Singapore, on November 9th , 2018. After that, they will entertain Timor Leste and follow the abroad match to Thailand and end with a home match against the Philippines.


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