Approaching Asian Games 2018, Rumah Indonesia Is Introduced


The opening of Asian Games 2018 is just a matter of counting days. Some sports have  even started competing. The Indonesian government and the committee of the biggest Asian Sports Event introduced Rumah Indonesia, Monday (8/13). The inauguration of the Rumah Indonesia (Indonesian House) carried out by the Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (PMK RI), Puan Maharani, together with the Chair of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), Erick Thohir, and Chair of the Indonesian Chef de Mission, Komjen Pol Drs Syafrudddin MS.

Rumah Indonesia is built to bring people closer to athletes who competed at the Asian Games. The community who have only been able to watch their idols from afar, are expected to be more intimate at home starting from August 16th to September 2nd, 2018. Quoted from Republika Online, Erick Thohir as Chair of the Indonesian Olympics (KOI) hopes that Rumah Indonesia can unite the athlete with the community. “Indonesian athletes must unite with the community,” hope Erick.

Rumah Indonesia is built as part of the success of the Asian Games 2018. In addition to being initiated by Erick Thohir, the area in the Rasuna Epicentrum, Kuningan area was also initiated by the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) Puan Maharani. Conformable with Erick Thohir, Puan believes that Rumah Indonesia can be a place for athletes to socialize with the community, in the midst of their struggle in the Asian Games arena.

“The time venue for athletes is very limited. We see the time for the athlete after we are a bit free, then we invite here to socialize with the community, “Puan said as quoted by Republika Online.

Erick Thohir admitted that the presence of similar houses from several Olympic participant countries Rio de Jainero was the inspiration for the current existence of Rumah Indonesia. “Initially Mrs. Puan and I saw homes belonging to several countries while visiting the Olympics in Rio de Jaeneiro, Brazil. Until finally a similar idea emerged to bring Rumah Indonesia so that people could get a variety of information about sports, culture, to art, “said Erick Thohir.


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