Jakarta PSBB,Wall Climbing Delays Junior National Selection

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The decision of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to re-implement Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) starting September 14, 2020, has an immediate impact on the All-Indonesia Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). Rock climbing should postpone the national selection agenda.

Previously, FPTI had planned to hold a National Seleknas in Jakarta on September 14-19, 2020. However, now the plan must be postponed, after Jakarta announced that it would again carry out the PSBB in its area.

This situation immediately received a response from the FPTI regional management. One of them is from South Kalimantan. The Chief Executive of the Provincial Executive Board of the South Kalimantan FPTI, Bandi Chairullah, said he had received news about the postponement of the National Selection. This is known from a circular issued by the FPTI Central Executive, which relates to the PSBB decision in Jakarta.

“While pending, it is a circular from the FPTI Central Board in Jakarta, because from the 14th Jakarta there is a PSBB coinciding with the location for the National Seleknas,” he said, as quoted from klikkalsel.com.

Meanwhile, regarding the readiness of the federation, Bandi explained that the South Kalimantan FPTI was actually ready to send athletes to Jakarta, the result of the regional selection two months ago. Currently, his party will return the athletes to the city and regency federations back.

However, Bandi hopes that athletes who temporarily cancel their departure to Jakarta will not lose their spirits. He hopes that all athletes will continue to strive to maintain quality and performance in their respective locations.

“Behind the wisdom of postponing this National Seleknas, I hope athletes can improve their performance to the maximum,” said Bandi.

The 2020 Seleknas was held by the Central FPTI in order to look for new talents who will be projected to participate in the upcoming Asian Youth Championship 2021 tournament. There will be a quota of 4 boys and 6 girls from the junior level that rock climbing athletes from all over Indonesia compete for in the National Selection.


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