Maintain International Achievement, Government Ensures Build SKO Disability

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The success of disabled athletes at the Asian Para Games multi-event sports event in early October 2018, with incised fifth place at the Asian level giving a very positive effect, the proof is that the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports will continue to develop students’ abilities in Disabled Sports Schools or SKO in the city of Solo, Central Java.

This is done by Kemenpora so that Indonesia would not only be a “one season wonder” or an instant surprise provider in every event with international disabled athletes.  The existence of a disability Special Sports School (SKO) which was established in July 2018 is expected to continue to feed the talent of talented athletes to regenerate athletes.

“Now we have just pioneered (SKO disability) for 30 athletes first and see the condition of the funds too. We have started with various types of disabilities or types of disability classifications, “said Deputy III of the Ministry of Youth Sports Culture, Raden Isnanta reported by (10/26/18).

Indonesia’s achievements at the Asian Para Games were quite neat when compared to the previous year. This achievement is best for Indonesia after the previous two events, which were at Guangzhou 2010 and Incheon 2014, only won 1 and 10 gold medals respectively.


Recorded, Indonesia is ranked fifth in the final standings of the Asian Para Games medal 2018 with a total of 135 medals. The details are 37 gold, 47 silver and 51 bronze.  Isnanta said that the momentum of the Asian Para Games 2018 must be maintained. One of them is related to the training of disabled athletes for the future

The term we have to prepare for the continuer. We should not just be trapped by athletes who are currently there, because they will be consumed by age, “said Isnanta.

“So the continuer must be prepared not to experience fate like before. We are good at the SEA Games, but we tend to forget to think about the continuer so we don’t become the best (again) in Southeast Asia, “he added.

Because the special school is fairly new, Isnanta said that if the system implemented in the school, each student still has to guide formal knowledge in public schools in addition to learn the sports with the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee (NPC).

In the future, the target of the Ministry of Youth and Sports is to build new schools so that students can focus on learning formal science and sports in one school and it won’t have to always move around.

“So the system is dropped into school, then it will be picked up for training. The future target is to build a new school. “At this time there is still an approach with the Ministry of Education and Culture to build special disability schools,” said Isnanta.


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