Injury Difficult For Emilia Nova Runners To Pass To The 2020 Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

The hope of Emilia Nova’s goal runner to appear at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is threatened to disappear, because of the injuries she suffered, so far she has not been able to recover one hundred percent.

Emilia Nova, in fact, does have a chance to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He just needs to be able to improve his time records so far.

Emilia currently has the best time of 13.59 seconds. These results were achieved when winning a gold medal at the 2019 Malaysia Open last.

Meanwhile, to be able to pitch to Tokyo, Emilia is required to be able to meet the Olympic women’s hurdle-time limit that is, 12.84 seconds. Meaning he must be able to correct his current record 1.5-1.8 seconds faster, so he can secure one ticket to the 2020 Olympics.

But that can be difficult for Emilia. Because the runner from Jakarta is still not fully recovered from a plantar facitis injury in the heel of his foot. The same injury also disrupted Emilia’s preparations at the Philippine Sea Games in 2019, but in high spirits, Emilia still managed to offer gold to Indonesia at the biennial event.

“If the opportunity to qualify, I am just realistic. I still believe in Emil’s ability. But with a limit of 12.84 seconds it is rather difficult to be pursued until July, while it is already in January,” said PB PASI hurdles coach Ongky Haryadi, as reported by from Antvklik.

Ongky said that Emilia’s condition was not yet optimal. The 24-year-old athlete sometimes still feels uncomfortable in the injured part.

Therefore, Ongky will not burden heavy targets to qualify for the Olympics. He was afraid that Emilia would overexert herself and make her injury condition worse.

Soon Emilia will be competing in the Asia Indoor athletics championship in Hangzhou, China, down in the women’s 60 meter hurdles. At the championship, Emilia was targeted to be able to break the indoor hurdles record which is currently still held by Dedeh Herawati.

“Hopefully (Emilia Nova) will break the indoor record. This will be a new experience for Emil because he is the first time joining indoor,” Ongky said again.



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