Indonesia’s Struggle in the Philippines Begins from the Floorball Arena


Indonesia’s struggle at the 2019 SEA Games begins on the floorball field. The women’s floorball team became the first Indonesian representative to face the Philippine host team, 25 November 2019, at 13.00 local time, on the University of the Philippines field of the College of Human Kinetics Gymnasium in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Women’s floorball is participated in by 5 countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the host of the Philippines. They will compete for 2 places in the final for the gold medal. While the third and fourth place will return to compete for the bronze medal. In the first match, the women’s floorball team must recognize the superiority of the host.

In the same place, the Indonesian men’s team faced the host. as in princess, as many as 5 countries sent their son’s floorball team to compete for the gold medal.


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