Indonesia’s First Gold From Taekwondo at Asian Games


On the first day of the Asian Games 2018, Indonesia won a gold medal from the Taekwondo Branch. This gold achieved by RomaniarDefia in the woman’s single Poomsae number, after defeating taekwondoin from Iran, Salahshouri Marjan.

The triumph of getting gold from this Taekwondo sport was the first time for Indonesia at the Asian Games. Since it’s an official branch of the Asian Games in 1986, the Indonesian Taekwondo team has never received gold. Since then, only 6 silver and 8 bronze have been successfully collected by Indonesian taekwondo athletes. With Rosmaniar’s success, Taekwondo became the 12th sport that successfully contributed gold to Indonesia at the Asian Games.

In the video uploaded on the @kemenporaInstagram account, the woman who was born on May 25th, 1995 expressed her pride and her pleasure to be a champion. At the same time she thanked all, for the support that has been given. “Proud and happy, thank you for the Indonesian people who have supported me,” she said.


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