Indonesian Women’s Basketball Comes Home Faster


Indonesia’s women’s 3X3 basketball team’s action at the World Beach Games officially ended. They died after falling 10-21 in the final match of the Group B qualifier against China at Katara Beach Doha, Qatar, Tuesday (10/15/2019) local time.

At this event Jovita Elizabeth and friends joined in Group B together with Togo, Uganda and China. Since the beginning of the competition it has been predicted that it will be tough considering there is China which is superior in women’s 3X3 basketball.

But unexpectedly, other teams also gave resistance. In the inaugural match Indonesia immediately received a surprise from Uganda who were able to narrowly superior with a score of 12-8.

After losing the first match, Indonesia tried to get up. 17-7 victory over To go to keep hope to get away from the playoffs. But finally Indonesia had to fall into the final match against China. The earthquake that was built by Zhang Lingge and his friends ended the Indonesian resistance after touching sudden death, 21-10.

With these results Indonesia ranks third in Group B with a collection of just one point. While Uganda and China are entitled to qualify for the playoffs for a group winners and runners-up. Although it failed, the struggle of Indonesia women players deserves appreciation.

“It could be called the match against China that was the best performance of the Indonesian Women’s Basketball Team. They were able to carry out the instructions given properly,” said Indonesian Basketball Team Coach Anthony Gunawan as reported by

Anthony further said that Indonesia was actually able to compensate for the Chinese game in the early minutes. Unfortunately the fatigue factor makes students lose focus so they have to topple early after China creates sudden death.

“The player are only able to carry out instructions in five minutes of the match, where the rate of China scores can be reduced by a difference of two points. “After that the Chinese players are rampant and the poetry rate cannot be stopped,” he said.


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