Indonesian Weightlifting is Sure to Add an Athletes to Olympics 2020

Sumber: Tribun News

The Indonesian team from the weightlifting branch of sports feels confident that they can continue to increase lifter representation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This optimism was published, because of the large potential in the weightlifting team today.

This was said by PB PABBSI Deputy Chairperson Djoko Pramono. He promised that his side would still be able to replace representatives at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“We are now training camp for the Olympics. So don’t look at these great players (lifter juniors) because they aren’t necessarily,” Djoko said at the Kemenpora Office, Jakarta, Thursday (20/02).

For the time being PB PABBSI has so far passed two lifters to the biggest sports party on earth. They are Eko Yuli Irawan (men 61 kg) and Windy Cantika Aisah (women 49 kg).
Eko Yuli has been confirmed to have one slot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after he won three gold medals at the Fajr Cup International Championship in Rasht, Iran in early February.

While Windy has just confirmed his ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after also getting three gold at the Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championship 2020 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, February 13-16.

From these positive results, Djoko did not want the trend to decline. He is very confident of weightlifting Indonesia, can still pass other athletes to Tokyo.”Opportunities to add Olympic

tickets still exist. Opportunities exist because there are still two more tournaments and we must take advantage of this,” he said.

Another lifter that, according to Djoko, has the potential to overtake Eko and Windy to Tokyo, is Deni, who is now ranked 13th in the world. Deni is considered to be able to continue to add points and increase his position to eight in the world, as a minimum standard for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifications.

Besides Deni (67 kg), there is also Triyatno (73 kg), Rahmat Erwin Abdullah (73 kg), Nurul Akmal (+87 kg) who are still struggling to collect points for the Olympics.

The Indonesian weightlifting team still leaves two championships in the 2020 Olympic qualifiers. Namely the World Weightlifting Championship in Romania, 14-20 March 2020 which will be followed by Windy Cantika Aisah and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah.

As well as the Senior Weightlifting Championship in Kazakhstan, on 7-15 April which will be participated by Deni, Eko Yuli Irawan and Triyatno.


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