Indonesian Team that Will Compete at ANOC 2019


Indonesia officially dispatched 12 athletes to compete in ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG) 1 2019 in Doha, Qatar next October 12-16. The Indonesian contingent was released directly by the Acting Minister of Youth and Sports Hanif Dhakir. These athletes will compete for gold in three sports, namely women’s basketball (4 people), karate (2 people), and men’s beach volleyball (6 people).

The best athletes will also be accompanied by four officials. The 12 selected athletes were not arbitrary. They are field actors who have big names in their respective sports. Not to mention before being elected they must follow a very tight qualification round. Here is a little review of what the achievements of 12 athletes from each sport.

Women’s 3X3 Basketball
In this branch, Indonesia is represented by four topnotes, namely Jovita Elizabeth, Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha Kusuma, Dyah Lestari and Faizzatus Shoimah. All four are female basketball players who are subscribed to the national team and are projected to represent Indonesia at the SEA Games 2020 in the Philippines.

Regarding the achievements of the women’s basketball team, Jovita Elisabeth and friends have successfully won two U23 National League champions in Mongolia, U23 National League champion 2 in Japan, 1st place 3×3 Streetball Master U23 in Weert, Netherlands, and 2nd place 3×3 Streetball Master U23 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Karate Kata Womens
In the Indonesian karate sport branch sends Nawar Kautsar Matsura in the Kata Putri category. Nawar is usually called as a mainstay of Indonesia in the 2019 AWBG event this time. He became the only athlete targeted at this inaugural edition. Target gold medal is not without consideration. The virgin born in November 1995 has donated many titles for Indonesia. One of them was a gold medal at the Said Putri Junior Individual at the 2013 Southeast Asian Karate Championship.

Finally he incised gold ink at the Asian Karate Championships in Jordan in 2018. These achievements led him to position the fourth best female karateka in Asia (AKF).

Karate Kata Mens
In Kata Putra Indonesia relies on Ahmad Zigi Zaresta Yudha. Although rangkin in Asia is not as high as Nawar, but Zigi also has achievements that are not trivial. He was recorded twice won the bronze medal in Karate1 Series A – Shanghai 2018 and the 16th AKF Senior Championship 2019 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Men’s Beach Volleyball Team 4X4
The Putra Volleyball Team sent four athletes, Tio Kesuma Sentosa, Rendy Ferdian Ricardo, I Ketut Ardana, Yossi Ariel Firnanda, Gunawan Dewantoro, and Yogie Hermawan. The men’s volleyball branch has never been heard in a number of years. But the merema has a history of being ranked third Kajuara World Beach Volleyball 4X4 in Taiwan 1993 ago.

In addition, the selected athletes were not arbitrary athletes. Call it Rendy Ferdian Ricardo who is a champion in the Asia Pacific U-21 in India in May 2013 ago. Or I Ketut Ardana, who won a gold medal at the 2019 POMNAS.


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