Indonesian Swimming Athletes Targets Pelatnas Can Start in October 2020

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Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Swimming Association (PRSI) Harlin Rahardjo announced that the national training camp (Pelatnas) for swimming could resume in October at the Gelora Bung Karno Aquatic Stadium, Jakarta.

Until now, swimming has indeed been the only Olympic sport that has yet to hold the National Pelatnas, because it has not signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora). Harlin hopes that in these weeks, the MoU can be resolved.

“Actually, the MoU is almost completed in mid-September, but because the PSBB is becoming a bit difficult,” said Harlin, as quoted by

“Because this discussion is required by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to meet, so we met last Thursday. We were promised that early next week, if possible before September 30, we could sign the MoU. So in October the National Team can run, “he continued.

Although the position of swimming is now far behind other Olympic sports that have previously run the National Pelatnas program, Harlin said this was not an obstacle. Because, PRSI is better off not taking risks by betting on the safety and health of athletes in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has not yet subsided.

After the MoU has been signed, the 2020 swimming pool will be immediately focused on preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, as the main target. There are six swimmers who have been prepared by PRSI. They are, I Gede Siman Sudartawa. Triady Fauzi, Azzahra Permatahani, Farrel Armandio Tangkas and Glenn Victor.

At least the six athletes must be able to approach limit A as the minimum requirement to qualify for the Olympics. It’s just that, until now, there are still no swimmers who have managed to penetrate it.

Regarding the location of the National Pelatnas, PRSI has also applied for a permit to the GBK manager, as the place for the Pelatnas. Six athletes, training in one pool, according to Harlin should not be a problem and still be safe.

“You should get it. There are technically no issues. Training for six people in one pool is not a problem, “he said.

Although the National Pelatnas has not yet started, swimming athletes are currently holding training together with their respective clubs of origin, as well as some who are still joining the regional training camps. in the projection of PON Papua 2021.


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