Indonesian Swimmer Must  Improve Their Physique Before Attending the TC Olympics in Australia

Sumber Gambar:

swimming athletes are required to. Indonesian swimming athletes are expected to start working hard, in order to prepare themselves to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. One of them is currently Triadi Fauzi et al. Have to focus on physical improvement.

According to the national swimming pool manager, Wisnu Wardana, the portion of physical training needs to be done earlier, because according to him the physical condition of Indonesian swimming athletes is not yet excellent. After nearly seven months during the pandemic, the portion of exercise has been drastically reduced.

“We are still exercising physically, which is to strengthen and adapt them,” said Wisnu, as reported by The

national swimming pool, which is projected to face the 2021 Tokyo Olympics itself, has begun to be held at the Gelora Bung Karno Aquatic Stadium, Jakarta, since 19 October 2020. ago.

Today there are six swimmer who got a call from Pelatnas Tokyo Olympics. They consist of I Gede Siman Sudartawa, Glen Victor Susanto, Fadlan Butler, Farrel Armandio Agile, Triady Fauzi and Azzahra Permatahani. in addition under the leadership of manager Vishnu Ward, exercise Also closely guarded by the coach duo Albert Sutanto and Doni B. Utomo.

Meanwhile, one of the Indonesian swimming athletes, Glen Victor, expressed his hope that the current national training team could quickly restore the swimming skills and techniques of him and his other colleagues. Since the pandemic, automatically, activity in any swimming pool becomes more limited.

“During the pandemic yesterday, we had a hard time train both in the gym and in the pool. And it must be admitted that those of us who are in the national training are very lacking in training, “said Glen.

“Currently, I am also leaving Bandung for Jakarta, where the swimming facilities and health protocols are quite good. Hopefully this can improve their abilities again, because starting from scratch again. “He hoped.

Previously, PB PRSI had already pocketed Rp1.2 billion as a fee for preparation for the Olympics. In order to penetrate the main round of the universal sports event, Indonesian swimming athletes on the target to be able to approach the limit A. As the main condition to penetrate the qualifying round, one of PB PRSI’s efforts to smooth the target, is to send six athletes to train in Australia in early 2021.


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